5 reasons to consider wax melts over candles



Wax melts have become more and more popular as a quick and handy alternative to scented soy candles. Wax melt dots provide some advantages and benefits which we discover.

Learn why our scented wax dots have earned so much recognition, and why you may want to choose melting wax dots over burning candles.

1. No Flame
Wax melts are heated using a wax melter or wax warmer. Unlike days of old, today’s warmers come in a wide range of options and use an electric power heated light source instead of open flame tea lights.

2. Longer Scent Duration
Wax melts have a much longer scent duration compared to traditional candles. This determination can vary based on many factors, including the kind of wax used, the size of each square, bar or dot, the amount of scent infused in the melt, and the size of the candle being compared too. With all those factors being considered, we designed our Dots to have the perfect amount of scent and size for most warmers or melters.

3. Affordable
Most candle companies offer some form of a melt, tart, or bar. Yet, we offer the most affordable, convenient, easy-to-use soy Dot. When comparing ounce to ounce, soy dots/melts are cheaper than soy candles. Each 21-count Soy Dot Rice Paper pouch(7.2oz) contains almost as much as 3 of our competitor’s harmful plastic clamshell melts(2.5oz). You save money and the planet, by reducing plastics.

4. Super Convenient
Wax melt Dots are first-rate convenient! Soy Dots are a perfect set and forget solution without the worry of an open flame of a traditional candle They also are first-rate compact, making clean-up and clanging the scent super easy. Most wax melts, tarts, or bars come in harmful plastic clamshells. Breaking off a piece makes a huge mess, and the plastic clamshell adds to the massive global plastic waste problem. We created the perfect solution to this. We place 21 no-mess individual soy dots in resealable rice paper pouches. This reduces plastic waste and means no messy fingers or broken pieces. It also means you get to decide how strong you want the scent in your space. Add more or less based on your preference.

5. Environmentally Friendly
Soy Dots are packaged in environmentally responsible Rice Paper Pouches. Our Ric Pouches help reduce the global problem of harmful plastic waste. Soy wax is eco-friendly and is 100% renewable, biodegradable, free from pesticides, and herbicides, and Kosher certified. All our soy DOTS are free of palm oil, dyes, additives, parabens, and phthalates.


Skore Scented wax melt Dots are a tremendous alternative to scented candles, clamshell melts, tarts, or bars.

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